Q: What kind of service projects qualify for the Star and Life rank requirements?
A: The Scout Handbook says “Take part in service projects…….These projects must be approved by your Scoutmaster.” In Chapter 6, there is a little more info about it.

A Scout does a Good Turn daily and is always helpful, so service to others should be a daily habit anyway. Specific service projects that qualify for rank advancement may be done with the troop or outside of the troop, but should be approved ahead of time if you want to make sure it qualifies. There are a jillion things that qualify, some don’t (helping Dad clean out the garage does not qualify). If you are doing it outside of the troop, you should bring a letter from the organization describing the service, the number of hours, and it should be signed by someone at the organization or whatever.

Best way to get it approved is to review with a scoutmaster at a regular meeting.

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