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Troop 807 – Flag Duty Instructions

Welcome to the Flag Duty of Troop 807. We kick start our first Flag Duty on Memorial Day (May 30th). Since there are quite a few new boys in the troop this year, I am providing detailed information below on Flag Duty that our Troop performs for Coppell Rotary Club. Please review it carefully with your son.  Please reference the e-mailed Flag Duty roster where every boy is assigned to two flag duty days. If your Scout cannot serve on his assigned days, he must: 1) find another scout to swap days with and communicate back to the Flag Duty Coordinator

What is Flag Duty?

The Coppell Rotary Club provides a paid service to Coppell residents to place flags in their yards on five patriotic dates to muster patriotism, pride, and appreciation for our servicemen and women around the world. Rotary Club needs help in putting all of the flags out, so they enlist the help of local organizations like our troop to get the job done. The Rotary Club pays the troop a fee for our services, so it is important that we have 100% troop participation in this activity. This is an important fundraiser for our troop and helps fund campouts, camping equipment, and other expenses. This also helps the scouts live demonstrate the virtues of scouting

Who participates in Flag Duty from our Troop?

Every Scout is required to participate in two of the five dates. Scouts must wear Class A uniform and bring with them a pair of pliers and work gloves.

Parents – we need parent volunteers to drive boys for the flag duty. Every flag duty day requires taking boys and flags in the vehicle for flag put out in the morning, and then in the evening, taking them around to pick up the flags and return them back to Rotary club location (Coppell High School Stadium). Details of location is mentioned below in the email. Please note that you are volunteering for the both morning and evening drive. Because of the length of the flags (8 foot long) and the number of boys to be taken around, please bring minivan, truck, or SUV, if you have a choice.

When is the Flag Duty performed?

The Rotary Club has provided us with five days to for Flag Duty. The dates are indicated in the emailed flag duty roster. Please read carefully the exact date and time. There are a few dates that fall on school days and hence require us to start the whole process real early in the morning – for boys to be able to reach school on time.


The group will meet in the parking lot of south side of the Coppell High School football stadium. The Rotary Club representative will arrive in the morning to unlock the gates of the stadium and will proceed to hand out flags with assigned routes. In the evening, we will meet back again at the high school and proceed to our routes for pickup of the flags that our troop put out that morning.


  • At the most basic level, the flag duty entails following two activities:
  1. In the morning, picking up the flags from Coppell High School Stadium storage, and then going around the Coppell neighborhood putting out those flags in front of assigned houses
  1. In the evening, picking up the flags from those houses and then taking it back to the Coppell High School Stadium storage.

It typically takes 45 minutes to cover one Route within a Zone

In the Morning

  1. The group of two drivers for each route will have the responsibility to put out the flags for their route. Suggested arrangement is that one driver can carry all the flags and the other can carry all the boys.
  2. Boys have to be equitably distributed between the drivers. Each route should have at least 4 boys.
  3. Once every boy is assigned to the route then they can go pick the Flag from the Stadium storage and put it in the vehicle. It’s important that boys pick the flags from the right zone that is assigned to them. Before you (the driver) drive out with the boys and flags, please count the number of flags to make sure you have right count.
  4. Zone maps are in the bucket near the Zone # & Flags at the Stadium. Rotary Club typically shares maps a few days before the date, but sometimes there are last minutes changes, hence, make sure you reconcile the Zone maps with the ones in the bucket.
  5. There is only one bucket per zone, so one of the four drivers for the zone can decide to keep the bucket. Bucket is usually useful to keep twisties and the caps of the PVC pipe, but I suggest that each driver please bring a couple of plastic bags to keep these things. Bucket has to be brought back in the evening. You will also need to bring the caps back in the evening to put them back on PVC pipes.
  6. During Flag put out, when you arrive at a specific house on your route, look for a white stripe of spray paint on the curb. Near that stripe, about a foot in the grass towards the house, there will be a hole in the ground with a PVC pipe in it with a white cap on the top. These caps are sometimes hard to find, but don’t give up. If after looking, you cannot find the pipe, quietly place the rolled up flag on the doorstep of the home, standing up, with the pole on the ground. The flag must not touch the ground under any circumstances.
  7. If you leave a flag on the porch, call/text the Rotary Club Contact listed on your Zone Sheet with the zone number and addressDo not wait to call, call right away.
  8. After finding the pipe, remove the cap and place it in the bucket you received at the stadium. Remove the wire twistie from each flag and place it in the bucket as well.
  9. Unroll flag and place the flag pole into the PVC pipe.
  10. Once all flags have been put out, keep the bucket in the vehicle because caps and twisties will be needed for flag pick up.
  11. If you cannot find the address, call/text the Rotary Club Contact.
  12. If you still have an extra flags, call/text the Rotary Club Contact w/ zone & # of flags; leave the flags leaning on the stadium fence.


Picking up flags in the evening

  1. In the evening, meet back at stadium. Divide into same groups and return to routes for pick up.
  2. Take flags out of PVC pipe, and place cap back on the pipe. Roll up flags tightly and put twistie on each one to secure.
  3. If a flag is torn, roll it & twist tie near top. Keep it separate & give to a Rotarian at the storage room.
  4. Check off each address as you pick up flags. Be sure all the flags in your zone are picked up.
  5. If you run out of twist ties, bring those loosely rolled flags first to the storage room. Rotarians will twist tie them before storing them.
  6. After picking up all flags on route, return them to the stadium where you picked them up that morning.


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