2016 NEW BSA Requirements

A new set of Boy Scout requirements will become effective on January 1st, 2016.

Beginning work in the new requirements will be determined by the Scout’s joining date or current rank as of January 1, 2016.

For 2016:

  • Boys joining on or after  Jan. 1, 2016  MUST use the new requirements.
  • Boys who have joined prior to Jan. 1, 2016:
    • Who are working on the Scout badge MAY continue to work on the existing requirements, but MUST convert to the new requirements upon completion of the Scout badge.
    • Who are working on Tenderfoot through First Class MAY continue to work on the existing requirements, but MUST convert to the new requirements upon attaining First Class.
    • Who have completed First Class MAY complete the rank they are currently working on in the existing requirements, but then MUST convert to the new requirements for subsequent ranks.

For 2017:  All Scouts MUST use the new requirements regardless of rank.

BSA Guide to Advancement updated in 2015

The 2015 Guide to Advancement, your official source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs, is now available.

Download the entire document here: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
Some official wording that may interest you:

1. Merit badge worksheets not allowed for certain requirements


What’s new: This language clarifies the official policy on merit badge worksheets. Filling out a worksheet will not be allowed for requirements that use words like “show,” “demonstrate” or “discuss.”

Excerpt from 2015 Guide to Advancement“In Boy Scouting, advancement requirements must be passed as written. If, for example, a requirement uses words like ‘show,’ ‘demonstrate,’ or ‘discuss,’ then that is what Scouts must do. Filling out a worksheet, for example, would not suffice”

7. Merit badge instruction should be small in scale


What’s new: Rather than large merit badge classes reminiscent of a boy’s time in high school, the BSA encourages smaller-scale instruction.

Excerpt from 2015 Guide to Advancement“The sort of hands-on interactive experience described here, with personal coaching and guidance, is hardly ever achieved in any setting except when one counselor works directly with one Scout and his buddy, or with a very small group. Thus, this small-scale approach is the recommended best practice for merit badge instruction and requirement fulfillment. Units, districts, and councils should focus on providing the most direct merit badge experiences possible. Large group and Web-based instruction, while perhaps efficient, do not measure up in terms of the desired outcomes with regard to learning and positive association with adults.”

Source: Bryan on Scouting blog

Swim Test


Passing the BSA Swim test is required for all Adult Leaders and Scouts who will participate in Swimming events at Summer Camp or on any Camp-outs. It is good for one year so if you took it last year, you will have to take it again this year.

Adult Leaders and Scouts each need to bring $5 at day/time they come for Swim Test and you only need to attend one day/time for Swim Test.

 Swim test will be held at the Coppell YMCA

·         May 9, 2015 from 12N to 2:00pm

·         May 16, 2015 from 12N to 2:00pm

Summer Camp Parent’s Meeting May 11

A parent  meeting will be held Monday May 11th during the normal Scout meeting. Please keep in mind your Scout will need to have a physical to attend Camp Hale. We will discuss paper work and what to bring to Camp Hale at the meeting.

New Scout Campout March 7

Troop 807 New Scout orientation campout will be held on March 7, at Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area (LLELE) in the group camping area.

We will meet at the church at 9am for a ~ 9:30am departure with plans to return ~2-3pm.

Come in Scout Uniform
Bring weather-appropriate clothing.

STEM-Nova & Stem-SuperNova

All Scouts and Parents of Troop 807,
BSA has many special awards that Scouts can work on. These are not related to rank advancement but allows Scouts to work on different skills that interest them.
One category of these are STEM related and the awards are the STEM-Nova and STEM-Supernova.
Who can work on these STEM related special awards?
Any Scout interested in STEM!

  • You have participated in building and launching rockets during our Troops Show ‘N’ Do activitiy
  • You participate in Science Fair projects in school
  • You are in Science/Engineering club(s) in school and use what you do to work on the award
  • You like doing Science related MBs like Archery, Rifle Shooting, Astronomy, Chemistry, Aviation, Space Exploration and many many more
Here are more details on the awards:
  1.         STEM-Nova
a.  Shoot! (Science)
b.  Start Your Engines (Technology)
c.  Whoosh (Engineering)
d.  Designed To Crunch (Mathematics)
   2.          STEM-Supernova
a.  Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award
b.  Thomas Edison Supernova Award
The requirements for these special wards can be found at http://www.scouting.org/stem/Awards/BoyScouts.aspx
Our Troop 807 would like to offer our Scouts to work on these special awards as this will help Scouts with developing interest towards STEM . Here are the steps to get started:
  1. Sign yourself up by contacting the Troop’s STEM-Nova, STEM-SuperNova Counselor ( at txtroop807@gmail.com )
  2. Get the worksheets for the awards you are interested in
  3. Coordinate with counselor to get started and get requirements signed off
Any questions? Feel free to contact Mr. Talathi.